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How to find jobs in the UK that offer sponsorship for expats

Hey guys.

Today, I’ll take you through some job portals to show you how you can be doing this yourself

I know this is counter productive to my blog because if you know how to get jobs, why would you even be here, right?

But that’s alright, we can talk about other things. The important thing is for you to land that job in the UK.

Oh and I forgot to mention one thing, today we’re going to talk about one job portal that I’ve never discussed until today so remember to keep reading all the way till the end.

With that, I’m Ashika and let’s dive in.


Let’s start off with today.

It’s a government repository of jobs in the UK and click start now.

Start off by typing visa sponsorship or visa sponsorship + the role you’re looking for and hit search.

At this point, there are 1272 jobs that include the keyword visa sponsorship. So either they offer sponsorship or they’ve very clearly mentioned they don’t. And that’s good. It’s clarity.

Here’s the thing. If you work in healthcare, you are in luck this week because there is a whole bunch of jobs that have come up in healthcare. About 7 pages of healthcare openings.

So if you see an opening you’re interested in, click apply for this job, you’ll have to create an account and you’ll either be able to apply directly from the page or it will take you to the page of which portal or company is hosting this and you’ll be able to apply from there.

Let’s take a look at another job which is for a Community Care Worker. Like you can see, this job clearly mentions that it doesn’t provide sponsorship.

Now you’ll either have to skip a ton of pages if you aren’t looking for a healthcare role or use the filters at the side.

One of the job openings is for a Principal Power Electronics Engineer which offers from £60,000 to £70,000 per year and offers sponsorship.

There is another role for a Data Business Analyst that offers from £23,000 to £28,000 per year.


Next up we head over to Indeed where we repeat this process.

I get these tingles every time I visit Indeed simply because of the number of openings with sponsorship. It’s beautiful.

Let’s take a look at some openings.

This opening is for a Tier 2 Sponsorship Care Support Worker but like you can see the role requires you to have a driving license. They’re talking about a UK driving license, which you can’t get unless you’re already in the UK.

So what they’re basically saying is that they can offer you tier 2 sponsorship if you’re already in the UK on maybe a dependant visa or a student visa or something like that.

But if you look at this opening for a Restaurant General Manager that offers from £42,000 a year, you’ll see there’s nothing mentioned, so if you have experience as a general manager at a restaurant, you should hurry and apply.

So what I would do is apply directly from here and then also google this company and if they have a careers section on their website, apply from there too.

There’s also the role for an Assistant Manager at Dominos that offers sponsorship.

There’s a role for a Business Analyst at Humatica that offers sponsorship. There’s an opening for a Procurement Officer at the Variety Discount Store, There’s an opening for a Website Designer at Iconnect London that offers sponsorship. So a lot of openings.

Here’s the thing, this is only one step when it comes to landing a job in the UK market. This step helps you find the openings, but how you apply is equally important because the truth is that there are hundreds of people applying for these roles from all over the world.

So what sets you apart and how do you ensure that the recruiting manager actually receives your CV, what do you even mention in your CV because what you’ve mentioned and what recruiting managers might be looking for are two completely different things, even if you’re a perfect fit for the role.

So if you feel you’ve been trying to get a job for a while without luck, I suggest you sign up for my course on how to land a job in the UK which will teach you exactly what you you need to do to land that job with sponsorship. You can find more details by clicking here.


Once you’re done with this, head over to Reed.

You’ll see many of the same openings but at times you see ones that weren’t listed on either of the platforms you’ve seen before this so its important to check all of them.

If you work in finance, great because Reed has a listing for a US Tax Senior Manager, London that offers sponsorship. It’s also got an opening for IT Audit Senior Managers and again offers sponsorship.

Neither of these jobs were available on or Indeed so again, important to check as many job portals as you can. Likewise, there is a job for a Full Stack Nodejs Developer with sponsorship.


Moving onto LinkedIn.

It’s easy to get lost on LinkedIn because there are so many openings. LinkedIn shows you openings based on where you are located so open LinkedIn in an incognito browser and type visa sponsorship along with the role you are looking for to increase your chances of finding relevant openings.

After you apply, look for the hiring manager and the reporting manager and get in touch with them.


And the portal we’ve never discussed before - CV Library.

If you aren’t from the UK, the chances are you haven’t heard of this before but this has a bunch of job openings that offer sponsorship again. From what I can see, there’s an opening for a Relief Pharmacist that offers sponsorship, there’s an opening for a Dentist with sponsorship, an opening for a Software Engineer with sponsorship, a Design Verification Engineer with sponsorship, a BMS Project Engineer with sponsorship and a lot more.

And now you know where almost all the job openings in the UK market at listed.

If you'd like to watch a video demonstrating how you can find jobs in the UK watch this.

Until next time!

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