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Why we moved to the UK

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I blame Escape To The Country to be honest.

2 years ago, thanks to the pandemic, while we were confined to our houses, we started watching Escape To The Country. My husband because it gave him the opportunity to see the English country (he’s a sucker for anything that remotely resembles a travel show) and me because it had beautiful houses.

That was probably the reason we moved to the UK. As ridiculous as it sounds. Somewhere during that show we fell in love with the UK. It was all we could think of and as luck would have it, an opportunity presented itself to us to move to the UK.

2 years later, here we are.

Some may say we manifested it. My husband would retort that manifestation had nothing to do with it, it was years of hard gruelling work.

Whatever the reason, we made it.

One of the reasons why we wanted to move to the UK was so that we could enjoy a better life - I love the English countryside as does my husband and our son would get to experience a life he would have never gotten back home.

The air was fresher, the water was cleaner, life was more laid-back, opportunities were more, the stress was less.

It seemed like a fair deal. Probably more than fair.

Somewhere during the move, I realised there wasn’t a single place where you could all the information one needed to plan a move to the UK and it was crippling.

It meant spending days researching information which we expected to be easily available. Once we were done putting our heads together, I realised it didn’t make sense for anyone else to go through the same horrid process.

And so my YouTube channel which was supposed to be focused on productivity pivoted to content on how to make the money in as easy a manner as possible.

2 years later, I’ve managed to get the attention of quite a few of you, for which I’ll ever be grateful.

Want more details? You can always watch this for more info.

This is quite literally the first post of this new website. Unlike earlier, I hope I do this blog justice.

That’s it for now. I’m off to plan my next piece of content. Or clean my son’s room. Anything can happen.

Until next time.

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