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Jobs in the UK offering sponsorship in 2024

Hi everyone, welcome back!

Today, we’re talking about what you love hearing about most: jobs in the UK. We'll cover the current landscape of job sponsorships that allow you to live and work in the UK, and many of these jobs will also let you bring your families along. We'll discuss opportunities in healthcare, tech, and a variety of other industries. Stick around until the end for all the details!

If you’re new here, I’m Ashika, and we discuss everything about getting a job or studying anywhere in the world.

So, let’s dive in!

The Current Job Landscape

It’s been an interesting year so far. Last year, the UK was on a hiring spree with many people securing sponsored jobs and moving to the UK. However, 2024 has seen some changes. The minimum salary threshold for sponsored jobs has increased, and the government, amid election year promises, is aiming to reduce immigration numbers.

This has definitely affected hiring patterns in the UK. For example, more chefs have been granted skilled worker visas this year—6203 chefs, which is a 54% increase from last year. In contrast, only 4280 software engineers received skilled worker visas this year compared to 8752 last year.

The key takeaway here is that lower-paid jobs are still facing a significant shortage of skilled staff in the UK, so hiring isn’t slowing down for these sectors.

Industry-Specific Insights

Let’s look at some specifics:

  • Business Analysts: Only 474 visas were granted in the first quarter of the year.

  • Finance and Insurance Sector: Visas issued were 35% lower.

  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Activities: Visas granted fell by 36%.

The only industry showing an increase in visa offers is the accommodation and food industry.

What Does This Mean for You?

1. The UK is Still Hiring: While the criteria are more stringent and jobs fewer, the UK is still hiring. However, it’s wise to consider other countries as backup options.

2. Skillset is Crucial: Your skills are more important than ever. Jobs in the UK often differ from those in your home country, and you might need to adapt or acquire new skills. Having 5 or 10 years of experience alone won’t guarantee a job. Upskilling can make a significant difference.

For instance, I’ve worked in Brand & Digital Marketing but never handled paid media management. If I were job hunting today, I would study this skill because every brand runs paid ads, and it would strengthen my portfolio. Employers today prefer candidates with a broader skill set to reduce team sizes.

3. Sponsorship Trends: Some jobs get sponsored more frequently than others. Regularly sponsored roles include chefs, engineers, and healthcare professionals. Conversely, marketing, HR, teaching, admin, and analyst roles are less frequently sponsored and often come with stringent requirements.

If your role isn’t coming up much in sponsorship listings, you might need to reconsider your job search strategy.

4. Beware of Scams: Be cautious of scammy agencies that prey on innocent people. Do not pay anyone to get a job in the UK. Legitimate agencies will not ask for payment. If you're in healthcare, ensure any agency that contacts you is on the list of ethical recruiters.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities

Now, let’s dive into the roles currently offering sponsorship across the UK.

Healthcare Roles

  1.  Dentist and Therapist - AT DENT LIMITED

  2.  Dental Therapist - Heart Dental Recruitment Ltd

  3.  Emergency Veterinary Surgeons - Vet Record Careers

  4.  Associate Dentist - ZEST Dental Recruitment (many locations) 

  5.  Private Dentist - ZEST Dental Recruitment

  6.  Skin/Sarcoma Clinical Nurse Specialist - NHS Jobs

  7.  Dental Associate/Dental Therapist - Tidworth Dental 

  8. Registered Nurse  - Cardinal Healthcare

  9.  Dentist - Dental Elite Recruitment 

  10.  Veterinary Surgeon - Lloyd & Cowan Veterinary Recruitment

  11.  Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon - Bodrwnsiwn Veterinary Practice

  12.  Staff Nurse Day/Nights - Bondcare, The Links Care Centre

  13.  Pharmacist - Evolve

  14.  Lead Surgeon | Small Animals - Compass Associates

  15.  Clinical Director - Compass Associates

  16. Lead Scrub Practitioner - Orthopaedics - Compass Associates

  17.  Salaried GP - St Helens Medical Centre

  18.  Pharmacist - Herman Pharmacy 

  19. 20. Theatre Clinical Coordinator - King Edward VII's Hospital

  20.  Regulatory Affairs Specialist - JFA Medical

  21.  Optometrist - Specsavers

  22.  Health Care Assistant - DarSarno Care Services

  23.  Senior Support Worker/Team Leader - Pathway Healthcare

Tech Roles

Mixed Bag

  1.  Lead Capital Actuary - Goodman Masson

  2. Head of Pastry - The Barbary

  3. Head Sommelier - The Barbary

  4.  Chef de Partie - The Barbary

  5.  Chef de Partie - Unamed company in Oxford

  6.  Chef de Partie - Unamed company in Wales

  7. Chefs - Blue Ducks Food Ltd 

  8.  Vehicle Technician - Allied Vehicles Ltd

  9.  MOTOR MECHANIC - Finance Car Shop Ltd

  10.  MECHANIC STRIP AND FITTER -  Motorbodies

  11.  Senior SEO Specialist - InSoft Solutions

  12.  Sales Consultant - Mulberry Recruitment

  13.  Product Field Engineer - Caterpillar

  14.  Design Engineer - Ernest Gordon Recruitment Limited

  15.  Chef - Sidhi vinayak Hotel


  17. 20. Electrical Technician - HPOS SOLUTION LTD

  18.  Chemist - Domino Printing Sciences

  19.  Tandoori Chef - Cafe Taj Wigton deli limited

  20.  Technical Project Manager - Applause IT Limited

  21.  Senior AV Product Specialist - Comoro

  22.  Logistics Coordinator - SHELDON EXPO LTD

I hope this helps. Drop a comment below if you have any questions. In the meantime, if you need a brilliant CV to get an interview at these companies, watch this!

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your job search!

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