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Top 10 Jobs with the Highest Demand in Luxembourg

Hi there, welcome back.

Not going to lie, it’s getting difficult to get sponsored roles in most of the top countries. The markets are saturated and the roles offering sponsorship are reducing.

So thank goodness for Luxembourg! Because Luxembourg is still looking for foreign workers to fill vacant roles.

In case you’re wondering if it’s financially worth it, the average salary in Luxembourg is €4000-€5000 a month (Rs. 358,000 to Rs. 448,000/month).

If you’re interested in moving to Luxembourg, it might make sense for you to understand what your chances are and the best way to do that is for you to understand which jobs are in most demand in Luxembourg.

Advantages of working in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has 660,000 inhabitants of which approximately 313,000 are foreigners. 

Luxembourg is actually ranked second in the world for attraction of talents and is a world leader in highly skilled employment. Approximately 75% of the country's workforce comprises of immigrant workers or cross-border commuters. 

The key business sectors are Space Technologies, Life Sciences, Automotive, Clean Technologies, Fintech and Logistics. But the main reasons why Luxembourg is so popular off-late with expats or foreigners looking to move to the country is 

  1. The competition you'll face! Unlike countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, Luxembourg is still relatively low on the list of many looking to move which means the number of people applying for these jobs are fewer and obviously your chances of converting that job interview are higher.

  2. Secondly, the tax in Luxembourg is lower than many other leading European countries which means you get to save more. To give you an idea, the average tax in Luxembourg is 33.2% vs other European biggies (Netherlands 37.1%, Germany 37.4%, Portugal 43.6%).

  3. Salaries are also higher than many of Luxembourg’s European neighbours.  According to latest figures, the average gross salary in Luxembourg is €4,000 to €5,000 which is a lot higher than other leading countries like Germany (€3,700), France (€3,000), Belgium (€3,500), Netherlands (€3,600), the UK (€3,200) & the US (€4,300).

  4. When it comes to the language of business, yes there are many jobs that require you to speak French, Germany or Luxembourgish but the good news is that there are still many employers that are happy with just English so it’s possible to find a job without knowing any additional languages

  5. With regards to social benefits, Luxembourg often ranks among the safest places in the world, has a strong community system, an excellent healthcare system, attractive social benefits

  6. And if you’re looking to get sponsored, the visa cost is €80 which is often Bourne by the sponsor and the visa takes approx 15 days to be processed, which means your move to Luxembourg could become a reality sooner than you expect. 

Where to begin your job search in Luxembourg

Before we dive into the most demanded roles you absolutely need to know where to look for jobs

Because knowing what roles are in demand isn’t enough. You need to know how to take action. 

So you can check the official website of State Employment Service of Luxembourg ADEM.

You can also check Eures,, GovJobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, OptionCarriere, Moovijob, Google Jobs, JobFinder, JobsinLuxembourg,

And there’s agencies that you can reach out to like Hays, Randstad, Michael Page, Greenfield, Sofitex Talent Recruitment, Spring Professional, Robert Half, Badenoch+Clark, James Woodman.

Jobs with the highest demand in Luxembourg

Now coming down to what you’re here for. What are your chances? What are the most demanded jobs in Luxembourg? 

We’re looking at the the 10 most popular professions and open vacancies in Luxembourg according to ADEM. 

  1. Credit & Banking Analysts

One of the most demanded roles in Luxembourg is of Credit and banking risk analysts. 

The specific roles under this category that are in demand are Credit and Banking Risk Analysts; Know Your Customer (KYC) Analysts, Banking Commitments Administrators, Banking Risk Administrators.

Some of the best organisations in this space include European Investment Fund, JP Morgan, Barclays, ING, Societe General, BGL BNP Paribas, Caceis Bank Luxembourg, Deutsche Borse

The Avg. salary you can expect is €77,755/year.

2. Bank Customer Management

Next up we have Bank Customer Management and the roles that are covered under this include Bank – Private Customer Officers and Bank – business customer officers.

Some of the top banks in Luxembourg include Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, Deutsche Bank Luxembourg, DZ PRIVATBANK, ING Luxembourg, Société Générale Luxembourg, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg, SEB Luxembourg, BNP Paribas, Banque Raiffeisen, Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'État (Spuerkeess).

 The Avg. salary you can expect €92,915/year.

3. Front Office Financial Markets

The third most demanded sector in Luxembourg is for Front Office roles in Financial Markets.

The roles include Foreign Exchange Trader, Administrator of Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS), Trading room trader/broker.

Some of the largest names in this space are Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Lazard, Bank of America, Banque Internationale À Luxembourg, BNP Paribas, Caceis, Canccord Genuity, Credit Suisse, DC Advisory, Degroof Petercam, Societe Generale Bank & Trust.

The average these roles get paid is €97,060/year.

4. Back Office & Middle Office Management for Financial Markets

 The fourth most demanded set of roles is for Back Office & Middle Management roles for Financial Markets.

And the specific roles are Back Office Manager, Middle Office Agent, Back Office Agent. Like you can see financial roles have a very big demand in Luxembourg and many foreigners move to Luxembourg specifically for roles in the finance sector here. 

The top companies would remain the same as our previous list Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Lazard, Bank of America, Banque Internationale À Luxembourg, BNP Paribas, Caceis, Canccord Genuity, Credit Suisse, DC Advisory, Degroof Petercam, Societe Generale Bank & Trust.

The average pay for these roles is €92,000/year.

5. Roofing Installation & Restoration

There’s also a demand for those working in the Roofing Intstallation & restoration industry. 

Some of the roles include Roofing team leader, Roofer, Photovoltaic Panel Installer, Zinc Worker.

Some of the companies in this space include Toiture Du Nord, Yansenne Et Fils, Toitures Patrick Nagel, C.E.S.E.

The average salary you can expect to earn is €64,000/year.

6. Management & Engineering - Industrial Design & Studies, Research & Development

At number 6 we have management & engineer roles which are mainly most Industrial engineers, Industrial Aerospace engineers, Industrial Chemist, Industrial Biologist, Industrial research and Development Project Manager, Industrial Electronics Engineer and more. 

Some of the companies to consider are Paul Wurth, Rotarex, Vts Group, Bmt Nv.

The average payout for these roles is  €102,785/year.

7. Management & Production Engineering

The Management & production engineering sector is also has many highly demanded roles in Luxembourg, mainly Production Manager, Production Line Manager, Production Process Engineer, Production Mechanical Engineer, Production Energy Engineer & more. 

Some of the biggest manufacturing companies in Luxembourg are ArcelorMittal Sourcing, Vodafone Procurement Company, GOODYEAR OPERATIONS , APERAM Sourcing, HYOSUNG LUXEMBOURG, Eurofoil Luxembourg , GTP Luxembourg, Keter Luxembourg, VIKING, BorgWarner Luxembourg Automotive Systems & more. 

The average salary you can receive here is €147,202/year.

8. Installation & Maintenance Of Industrial & Operation Equipment

Next up is the Installation & Maintenance of Industrial & Operation Equipment and the roles in demand typically are Industrial Maintenance Technician, Industrial Upkeep and Maintenance Workshop Supervisor, Industrial Equipment Installation Technician, After Sales Services/Maintenance Mobile Technician & more.

To become a Maintenance Technician in Luxembourg, one would ideally need a vocational qualification, such as a diploma in Industrial Maintenance or Electrical Engineering. 

Maintenance Technicians in the finance industry may have the opportunity to work on maintaining critical infrastructure and advanced security systems.

The average salary to be expected is €52,220/year.

9. Patient Hygiene & Comfort Care Services

Another very popular industry in Luxembourg is the Care Sector. Roles include Care Assistant, Home Care Aid, Hospital Care Assistant.

Some of the organisations to consider while looking for a job are Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL), Centre Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique (CHNP), Luxembourg Red Cross (Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise), Médecins du Monde Luxembourg, SERVIOR, Päiperléck, Elysis, Stëftung Hëllef Doheem, Fondation Jean-Pierre Pescatore.

Average salary a carer receives in Luxembourg is €44,973/year.

10. General Nursing

 Hospital Nurse, General Care Nurse, Home Care Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse, Coordinator Nurse for Home Care Services, Geriatric Nurse, Phlebotomist.

Some of the best healthcare institutions in Luxembourg are Centre Hospitalier De Luxembourg, Hôpitaux Robert Schuman, Servior, Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch, Lns - Laboratoire National De Santé, Laboratoires Réunis,  Incci- Haertz Zenter, Hôpital Kirchberg, Clinique Bohler, Luxembourg Health Directorate - Direction De La Santé.

Average salary someone in nursing can expect is €92,459

Other Jobs in Demand:

But that's not the fill list, there's more.


Social Workers

Early Childhood Educators

Legal Defense and Advisors

Financial Analysts


Human Resources Development Mangers

Information Systems Administrators

IT Research & Development

Information Systems Expertise and Technical Support  

Information Systems (IS) Advisory and Project Management

Thats's it! Now one thing you’ll absolutely need to get a job in Luxembourg is a killer CV and if you need help with that, read this!! 

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