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"Ultimate Guide: Securing a Sponsored Job in Dubai with the UAE Job Seeker Visa"

Hi everyone

Welcome back. Today we’re talking about a very hot job destination. Quite literally hot.


There are many reasons why Dubai is a haven for job seekers and that’s what I’ll be breaking down today including how you can get a job in Dubai and move there right away.

Dubai is the most popular Emirate and the capital of the United Arab Emirates or UAE. 

It’s strategic location makes it major global transport hub for passengers and cargo and it’s reserves of oil have led to some really incredible development - we’re talking Burj Khalifa, The Palm and more. 

The official language is Arabic but English is very widely spoken.

The avg. salary is 190,337 AED /per year which is 15,861 AED /per month (Rs. 43,59,653 per year / Rs. 3,63,294 per month).

However, something interesting for you to note is that unlike European countries, there is no concept of minimum wages in Dubai. 

That being said, the average salary across different professions varies quite a bit so that’s something to bear in mind.

According to Glassdoor, Investment Banking Analysts earn an average of 70,000 AED per month but Project Managers earn 22,350 AED per month, Software Engineers earn 22,000 AED a month, graphic designers earn 11,650 AED a month and nurses earn 9,750 AED a month. 

Perks of living & working in Dubai

  1. Expats don’t pay taxes.

  2. For folks who love the sun - there’s plenty of it 

  3. It’s centrally located and if you’re Indian, it a short plane ride of just a few hours

  4. Dubai hosts expats from all over the world so you’ll get to experience lots of cultures 

  5. The salaries in Dubai are relatively high

  6. And as such, the standard of living is also equally high 

  7. English widely spoken so it isn’t necessary for you to know Arabic right away 

  8. Transport is relatively inexpensive 

  9. And the quality of education is very high 

Cons of living & working in Dubai

But in all fairness, there are some downsides to living in Dubai.

  1. One being the climate if you aren’t someone who appreciate 365 days of bright hot sunshine as the summers can get quite hot

  2. The cost of living is quite high especially in Dubai thanks to sky-high rents 

  3. The country does impose certain internet restrictions 

  4. And there are certain cultural differences that you might not be entirely used to, for instance with regards to consumption of alcohol, which isn’t banned but is regulated 

How to move to Dubai to look for jobs

Now if you want to move to Dubai without a job, the good news is that you are allowed to visit the country and stay there while you look for a job. There are multiple options but the most popular is the UAE Job Seeker Visa.

It’s a temporary residence permit that allows you to live in the UAE from 90 days to 120 days without sponsorship. Earlier if someone wanted to look for a job in Dubai, they would opt for a visitor visa, but that was valid for around 60 days. But the Govt. knew it wasn’t ideal for talented job seekers and so the Job Seeker visa was introduced.

Interestingly, the Job Seeker Visa does not come with an age criteria, so there’s not cut off age to apply, you can apply for it multiple times and you can enter and leave the country multiple times while on this visa. 

Eligibility for the UAE Job Seeker Visa

In order to be eligible for a Job seeker visa in Dubai:

  • The applicant must be either:

  •  He/she must hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent

  •  He/she must fulfil the prescribed financial guarantee.

The last two points are pretty self explanatory - you need a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree and you need to meet the financial requirements, the challenge the amount of money isn’t really specified on the govt website unlike in the case of many other countries, but you can assume you would require enough to cover your cost of living in Dubai for the duration of your visa. The way to calculate is to check one of the many websites like Numbeo or Property Finder

But let’s break down the first point - You must be in the first, second or third skill level.

Skill Level 1 (First Skill Level): Skill Level 1 is for individuals who have a Bachelor’s degree (University Degree) or higher qualification; in short these are professionals - some examples are Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Accountants, designers, marketing specialists, pharmacists and more - there are basically 756 roles that fall under this list.

Skill Level 2 (Second Skill Level): Under the second skill level fall individuals under this category are those who have completed their Diploma in any field. This category typically involves people who are typically mechanical and technical jobs such as Technicians (ITI Diploma holders from India for example), Mechanical workers etc.

Skill Level 3 (Third Skill Level): and the level 3 is for those who have a high school or higher secondary qualification and have roles like receptionists, sales executives, store keepers, tourist guides, administration clerks and more.

So you need to fall under one of these skill levels or be a graduate of one of the top 500 universities in the world and if you aren’t sure which universities fall under this list, you can check here

It’s a pretty long list so use the search option. If you’re Indian, type India. If you’re from Canada, type Canada so it’s easier for you to search for your University. 

Documents Required for a UAE Job Seeker Visa

In order to apply you’d need these documents: 

  • Passport copies 

  • Coloured photos 

  • Qualification certificates & they would need to be attested 

  • Proof of your financial status 

Visa Costs for the UAE Job Seeker Visa

The cost of your visa will depend on the length of the visa you’ve applied for 60 days, 90 days or 120 days. 

For a 60 day visa 

  • Request Fees: AED 100

  • Issue Fees: AED 200

  • Security Deposits: AED 1,025

  • e-Service Fees: AED 28

  • ICP Fees: AED 22

  • Smart Service Fees: AED 100

  • Visa Insurance Fees: AED 80

For a 90 day visa 

  • Request Fees: AED 100

  • Issue Fees: AED 300

  • Security Deposits: AED 1,025

  • e-Service Fees: AED 28

  • ICP Fees: AED 22

  • Smart Service Fees: AED 100

  • Visa Insurance Fees: AED 100

For a 120 day visa 

  • Request Fees: AED 100

  • Issue Fees: AED 400

  • Security Deposits: AED 1,025

  • e-Service Fees: AED 28

  • ICP Fees: AED 22

  • Smart Service Fees: AED 100

  • Visa Insurance Fees: AED 120

Process of Applying for a Job Seeker Visa

The process to apply for a Dubai Job Seeker Visa is fairly simple:

  1. Visit the ICP website 

  2. Choose the visa duration - 60, 90 or 120 days 

  3. Complete the application form from here 

  4. Attach the required documentation 

  5. Pay the fees online 

  6. Submit the visa request online 

How to get a Job in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship

Now while you’re in Dubai, to actually land a job, you’ll have to do a couple of things.

  1. The first is build a CV that is very clear on what kind of role you want, because if it’s very ambiguous, you’ll find yourself not receiving any interview calls. If you need any help with your CV, you can always book a call with my consultant to review your CV

  2. Next, you’ll need to regularly check job boards - the top 3 in Dubai are Indeed, Gulf Talent & Bayt 

  3. You should also consider getting in touch with the top recruitment agencies in Dubai Since there are a lot of agencies in Dubai, it’s important for you to connect with the right ones. Preferably opt for agencies that are specialists when it comes to your specific domain or industry and your experience level.   Ideally, go ahead with 1 - 2 agencies based on your comfort level with them and push for a face to face meeting or a video call to understand if you think they’ll be the right fit for you and not vice versa. 

These are just some of the agencies you can consider 

 BAC, Guildhall Agency, Manpower, Adecco, Charterhouse, Hays, Michael Page, Mindfield Resources, Nadia Global, RTC, Scancruit, Morgan McKinley, Robert Half 

And that's it. This is pretty much everything you'll need to move to Dubai to get that fabulous job!

Until next time!

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