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Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship Offered

Hey guys. You probably know by now that when it comes to landing a job in the UK, the challenge is the visa.

Because while there are jobs in the UK, the jobs that offer visas are substantially lower. And among the jobs that offer visas, you’re competing against not just people from all over the world that are looking for a visa, but also from people who are based out of the UK who have the advantage.

So naturally, you need to get smarter if you want to beat the competition and land that job.

And that’s what we’re talking about today, I’ll take you through one website that shows you which companies offer the most visas and also job openings that are available right now to help you land that job.

Who can offer you a job in the UK with sponsorship?

First off, let’s address something.

You can only be offered a job that offers sponsorship by a licensed sponsor.

So irrespective of the role or the industry, it needs to be a licensed sponsor if you need that visa. A friend, a family member, a colleague cannot offer you a job with a visa. Unless they’re registered with the government as licensed sponsors, they can’t offer anyone a visa.

No company mentions whether they are licensed sponsors or not in their job postings or in their description but there are ways you can find out.

For starters, if its a large organisation that you’ve heard off and they’ve posted a job opening mentioning sponsorship, it’s very likely they are licensed sponsors. But if its a small organisation, you’ve never heard of them before, and they’ve posted that they offer visas and you aren’t really sure they’re legit, you need to check yourself.

Another scenario is where you’ve seen a job opening in a company that is similar to the one you’re already working in or one that you really want to but they haven’t mentioned a visa can be offered, you’d need to check here to if they are licensed sponsors.

Where can I check for licensed sponsors?

There are two ways to check. You either head over to this page and download the list of sponsors but it’s a pretty long excel sheet and you need a laptop for this.

Or you head over to and enter the name of the company and check if they are sponsors or not.

You can also search by the industry here or even by the town if you aren’t looking for a specific company.

Think you want to check for Manchester you just enter that.

Or if you want to look for openings in Education, you enter that.

The thing to remember is that because they are licensed sponsors, they can offer you a visa, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will.

It depends on their requirements and your skill set and what you can bring to the table.

Now while this tells you who is a licensed sponsor, the fact is that some organisations are more willing to hire talent from outside the country and some are less willing.

It has a lot of do with the cost involved, the whole process and justifying to the home department that those roles couldn’t be hired from within the UK.

The point is, that the companies that have provided more visas are also more likely to keep hiring more from outside the country - so you have a higher chance with those companies.

Sometimes, some companies are licensed sponsors, but they got the license because there was this one or two candidates who fit extremely well into their organisation but were from outside the country. So they aren’t actively looking to hire from outside the country again, it was just in those cases. Your chances are lower with these companies unless you are more than a 100% and you bring so much to the table that they can’t resist hiring you. You really need to be exceptional for that.

How can you check which companies issue the most visas?

You can find out how many visas a company issued by checking . On this website you can check for specific companies.

For instance, if I want to know how many visas Deloitte issued, take a look here.

You can check for Facebook, Google, HSBC. One of the largest recruiters is the NHS - so check for the NHS. If you want to find the companies that offered the most visas, use the filter

Just one thing to bear in mind. While the website mentions these are the visas issued in 2022, I don’t know how accurate this is because I checked for some other companies that I was aware of it and I felt it was the total number of visas issued vs the visas issued in 2022, something that I checked with the founder of this website too. But still, it gives you a pretty decent idea of where to look

The only thing is the website is timed so beyond a few mins, if you still want to check data, you’ll have to buy a subscription which is £3.60 or about Rs. 360.

What I suggest you do is use this website to target your job searches. Focus on big recruiters, look for their openings, write in to their recruiters, apply on their career sections.

Tech Roles:

  1. Commissioning Engineer - Security - Cpl UK - Technology

  2. Graduate / Junior Software Engineer - Systems / Low Level Applications - Riverbright

  3. Senior Platform Engineer - Lorien

  4. Control Systems Engineer- Hartland Recruitment & Advertising Limited

Healthcare Roles:

  1. Supported Living Team Leader - Rhombus Care Group

  2. Salaried GP - Medmatch Medical

  3. Associate Dentist- Medmatch

  4. Pharmacist - Saffron Apothecaries

  5. Independent Audiologist - Prospect Health

  6. Registered Nurse - TLC Care

  7. Registered General Nurse - Daytime Healthcare Recruitment

Marketing Roles:

  1. Senior Product Manager- Mobile Publishing - Kwalee

  2. Social Media Executive - PC / Console Marketing - Kwalee

Mixed Bag:
  1. Tagetik Consultants - JCA Associates

  2. NPD Project Manager - SC Johnson Lifestyle Brands

  3. Community Manager - PC & Console - Kwalee

  4. Director Customer Support - Omega

  5. Senior Sous Chef - Chesford Grange

  6. Precision Electronics/Soldering Technician (SMD) - Orbex Space

  7. Senior Structural Design Engineer, Building Services - Skills Provision International

  8. Finance Manager - Reed Accountancy

While you now know where to look for sponsored jobs with licensed sponsors, I also definitely recommend you should use AI to help with your job search because there is so much it can do!

If you need some help with that, head over here:

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