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These UK jobs are currently offering visa sponsorship

Hey everyone . Welcome back 

It’s been a very rocky past few months where moving to the UK is concerned because of all the visa & immigration updates. But thankfully when it comes to skilled worker visas not much changes for the moment and for health & care worker visas there aren’t any changes. Which means if you’re looking for a job and looking to move to the UK, now’s as good a time as any to apply for that job.

Which is what we’re covering today.

We’re talking about tech jobs, health care jobs and the mixed bag of jobs across all sectors.

And with that, let’s dive in. 

In case you aren’t aware, the min salary requirement for Skilled Worker visas is due to change to £38,700 come Spring, which is slated to be April. If you aren’t aware, that’s higher than the average salary in the UK so it’s not going to be the easiest thing to get sponsored jobs because many jobs won’t be able to meet the salary threshold. 

Unfortunately, that’s just a few months from now so if I were you I’d want to apply for as many relevant jobs before that to increase my chances. So let’s start off with job openings and like I usually suggest, check if the openings are relevant to you before actually applying for them.

If they are, ensure you apply with all the relevant information in your CV to increase your chances of landing that job.

Not sure how to create the best version of your CV? Watch this.

Health & Care Roles in the UK offering visa sponsorship
  1.  PLVE/EU Mentee Overseas Dentist - Dental Careers UK

  2.  Care Worker - Civicare Beds, Herts & Bucks Ltd

  3.  Carers - Xtracare Ltd

  4.  Care Worker - St Georges Homecare Ltd

  5.  Associate Dentist - Smile 4 U Group 

  6.  Sonographer - Crooton

  7.  Private Dentists - Heart Dental Recruitment

  8.  Registered Nurse - Come & Care

  9.  Associate or EU / PLVE Dentist - Heart Dental Recruitment

  10.  Dentist - Medical Elite Recruitment And Practice Sales Limited

  11.  Overseas/ EU Dentist - Medmatch

  12.  Healthcare Home Care Assistant - Homecare Helpline

  13.  Dental Therapist - Medical Elite Recruitment And Practice Sales Limited

  14.  Dentist  - Dentistry For You

  15.  Registered Nurse - Gilbert Meher 

  16.  Pharmacist - Quad Recruitment LTD

  17.  Pharmacist - Prospect Health

  18.  Clinical/Counselling Psychologist - neuro - Shire Healthcare

  19.  Permanent Veterinary Surgeon - Vet Seekers

  20. 20. Permanent Senior Veterinary Surgeon - Vet Seekers

Tech Roles in the UK offering visa sponsorship

Mixed Bag of Roles in the UK offering visa sponsorship

  1.  Building Services, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer - Skills Provision International 

  2.  Overhead Transmission Linesmen - Skills Provision International 

  3.  Analog ASIC Design/Verification Engineer - Rakon

  4.  Content Manager - Studio PASKIN

  5.  Career Consultant - Mindqube Limited

  6.  Property Manager - Villachase Limited

  7.  Power Electronics Design Engineer/Senior Design Engineer - Murata

  8.  Senior Operations Manager - Winland Academy Ltd 

  9.   Conveyancing Supervisor - Lisa's Law Limited

  10.   Kitchen Chef - A KITCHEN

  11. Assistant Restaurant Manager - Bespoke inns

  12.  Kitchen Chef - YOH KITCHEN

  13.  Chef - Binary Bar and Restaurant, Mickleover

  14.  Restaurant General Manager - Confidential

  15.  Chef - Award-Winning Sri Lankan Street Food - KOCHCHI @Bonnie & Wild

  16. Early Years educator - Cybertots Nursery Group

  17.  Research Associate - University of Glasgow

  18.  Full-time Maintenance Handyman - D&B CONSTRUCTION LTD

  19.  Residential Conveyancer - Curtis Solicitors Limited

  20. 20. Tailoress - Pakistani Fashion Ltd

  21.  Butchers - S.Khan Poultry

  22.  Mobile Phone Store Manager - trendzfone ltd

  23.  Business Development Executive - SPS CIVIL LTD

  24.  Web Design Consultant - PACK N TRADE LTD

  25.  IT Business Analyst - Physiooverseas Ltd

All righty then, I won't keep it too long. Hurry to apply for these roles. And if you need any help creating that perfect resume to apply for these jobs, you can check out the video I've made here detailing everything you need to keep in mind to build that CV that gets you interview calls.

If you'd like to book a slot with my team for a CV review, you'll find the information here.

Until next time!

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